17 July 2012

Why Technophobe Geek?

     Well, the Geek part is really simple. I am one! Though that was not something I would have admitted to before getting hitched. Sure, I may have been really into broadsword fighting in high school but it wasn't something to be *talked* about. Oh, and I could be into the X Files and Star Trek but only late at night with no one to witness it. All those sci-fi books I may or may not admit to owning but somehow lined my bookshelves. Those teen and early adult years being obsessed with looking obsessed with everything "normal" came to a fantastic, crashing halt after finding someone with who I could really, really be myself with. Instead of feeling ashamed of my true geeky interests I was suddenly able to embrace them. They had always been there and now I could wear them proudly because I began to learn that that's where my genuine pursuit of happiness lay. Because really, who was benefitting from my denial? Not me, that's for sure.

    The Technophobe part is a little trickier. My husband is a techie in the full sense of the word and my day is filled with smart phones, iPads, iMacs, etc. Yet I personally am usually deeply suspicious of new personal levels of technology. Our home television is set to off 90% of the time and we don't subscribe to cable. I really do think that we can be Too connected and that it's important to unplug from all the devices around us to avoid missing out on the present world around us. It is very easy to tune out on the internet but I want my life to stay tuned in. This is largely driven by being a parent to an energetic and smart little girl who would love nothing more to be just like her daddy and spend endless hours on a computer. I want her to relish nature, other people, and to be mentally present to all of these amazing experiences around her.  So in our house I am technology police for both husband and daughter. Shutting off the television and reminding dad to put his phone away for a while and to have both of them come be a part of this great family we are making together.

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